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San Diego Chargers Tickets - Brokers: what the benefit?

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There are several places to get San Diego Super Chargers tickets. You can buy from the stadium box office, but is that the best way to get seats for a Bolts game? The answer may surprise you: usually no! First, if a game is sold out the box office won't be able to help you, however a reputable ticket broker can almost always get you tickets to the game, often with great seats to boot. Second, most people don't realize that the best seats are gone BEFORE tickets go on sale at the box office! Between corporate giveaways and other lucky people, the good seats are taken before you even get a chance. The good news is that you can buy great tickets - tickets that you wouldn't be able to get through the box office - from a tickets broker. Note that brokers are not the same as scalpers (the ones you see outside the event) but they are legimitate businsses. Tickets from a broker are usually quite cheap, and worth it when you factor in the convenience plus the better seating selection you'll find.

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