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Test your San Diego Charger knowledge. Do you know the answers to the questions below? Scroll down for the answrs.

Question 1: What position does Drew Brees play?

Question 2: What did Luis Alberto Castillo admit to in 2005 that made news headlines?

Question 3: What college team did Randall Godfrey play for?

Question 4: Which player was traded from the New York Giants and started mid season?

(Answers below.)

Answer 1: Brees is Charger's quarterback.

Answer 2: Castillo sent a letter to every NFL team - all 32 of them - admitting to steroid use due to an elbow injury.

Answer 3: Charger Randall Godfrey played for the University of Georgia in college. In academia his major was housing and consumer economics.

Answer 4: Philip Rivers was traded from the Giants an due to extensive contract negotiations he didn't start until later in the season. As a result they let fellow San Diego Charger Drew Brees keep the starting quaterback position. Drew Brees went on to have an excellent season, which was left Philip Rivers on the second string. Speculation on whether Rivers will remain a Charger is rampant.